Above is a video demo of a Linear Delta-3 garage door receiver being brute forced using the  rfpwnon.py script.  This receiver has 8 dip switches and it takes around 2 minutes to run through all possible permutations of the code when being brute forced.  This garage door is less secure than the remote control light that is shown later in the article.

Code is available at: https://github.com/exploitagency/github-rfpwnon

Arduino HID Reader

This is a small write up to show you how to connect a HID Reader to your computer using an Arduino.  In this video a MaxiProx 5375 HID Reader(to right of laptop) is reading cards from over a foot away while only being supplied 12v by a USB 5v to 12v step-up converter and an Arduino nano is interpreting the weigand data and feeding it over a usb serial connection to the laptop.  This has also been tested to be working with the less expensive ProxPro 5355(12V/24V) and ProxPro II 5455(5V/12V) reader and more than likely it will work for almost any WEIGAND interface HID reader.

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