Vanitygen plus! Generate vanity address for 80+ cryptocoins including: BTC, LTC, LBRY, DASH, DOGE, FEATHER, GROESTL, MONA, PEERCOIN, VERTCOIN, ZIFTR, and MORE! Removed the prefix length limit, now capable of searching for whole addresses... Altcoin encrypting and decrypting of private keys is also supported.

Code Available at -->

Pre-compiled Binaries for Windows and Linux:

--> Compiling instructions available here! <--

Vanitygen PLUS!

Forked from samr7/vanitygen ,
then modified by Corey Harding
to support various Alt-Coins,
and with the following changes:

  • Generate vanity addresses for 80+ coins! with mods by Corey Harding
  • I also removed the prefix length limit to search for longer addresses.
  • Manually merge changes from: cryptapus For -Y privkey values
  • Manually merge changes from: elichai For keyconv decrypt
  • Manually merge changes from: salfter For compressed key support
  • Manually merge changes from: WyseNynja For oclvanityminer updates
  • Manually merge changes from: Rytiss For Initialize bn_zero to allow Intel CPU OpenCL compilation
  • Manually merge changes from: fizzisist For Document -P option
  • Manually merge changes from: bitkevin For fix hd 68/69xx, 7xxx
  • Manually merge changes from: wolf9466 For Groestlcoin address support

WARNING! This program has not been thoroughly tested. Please attempt importing an address first.
Send a tiny amount you don't mind losing to the address. Then perform a test spend.
I will not be held liable for lost funds as a result of the use of this program.
Also do not use this program for nefarious purposes! I do not condone illegal activity.
The chances of actually brute forcing an address is nearly impossible anyways.

Be sure to report any issues or bugs and fixes, I am happy to accept pull requests!
If you have an altcoin you would like to add please let me know.

Getting Started

Download the latest binary from: !
Linux Binary (Compiled on 64bit Debian Testing)
Windows Binary (Compiled on Win10 64bit)

Extract the files,
open a terminal/command prompt,
change to directory containing vanitygen-plus binaries.

Running On Linux: ./vanitygen -ARGS, or ./oclvanitygen -ARGS, ./keyconv -ARGS, etc
Running On Windows: vanitygen.exe -ARGS, oclvanitygen.exe -ARGS, keyconv.exe -ARGS, etc

For generating addresses using the CPU(slower) use: vanitygen !
For generating addresses using the GPU(faster) use: oclvanitygen !

NOTES: All arguments are case sensitive!
Address prefix must be at the end of the command.
oclvanitygen requires OpenCL and correct drivers.

Get a list of the supported Coins with:
Linux CPU: ./vanitygen -C LIST
Linux GPU: ./oclvanitygen -C LIST
Windows CPU: vanitygen.exe -C LIST
Windows GPU: oclvanitygen.exe -C LIST

A list of all the supported crypto coins will be output.

Choose your coin from the list noting the ARGUMENT needed for the coin located in the left hand column.
For LBRY it is simply LBRY. For Bitcoin it is BTC. Etc...

Now lets generate a LBRY address with the prefix "bTEST":
Linux CPU: ./vanitygen -C LBRY -o results.txt -i -k bTEST
Linux GPU: ./oclvanitygen -C LBRY -o results.txt -i -k bTEST
Windows CPU: vanitygen.exe -C LBRY -o results.txt -i -k bTEST
Windows GPU: oclvanitygen.exe -C LBRY -o results.txt -i -k bTEST

  • -C LBRY : Chooses the LBRY coin
  • -o results.txt : saves the matches to results.txt
  • -i : case-Insensitive(do not add this flag to match exact case)
  • -k : keep going even after match is found(do not add this flag to stop after the first match)
  • bTEST : the address you are searching for(LBRY addresses start with "b")

Example output of above command:

Generating LBRY Address
Difficulty: 4553521
LBRY Pattern: bTEST
LBRY Address: bTEST6jSVcid5MQAJBrGUR6MLDpdyb8oiQ
LBRY Privkey: wrRxctq3f7A1zkpyWoZRifRk5eAC2UM9idh83SPLhz6gAFfqdL

If you have dependency errors on Linux
or need instructions for compiling from source(Kaling Rolling/Linux) see link below:

Fix error(Debian, Ubuntu)


./vanitygen: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Fix it by issuing the below commands, in turn either installing or downgrading libcrypto. The error comes from an incompatibility with the newer version of libcrypto. Most older projects have this same bug.

dpkg -i libc6-udeb_2.24-9_amd64.udeb  
dpkg -i libcrypto1.0.2-udeb_1.0.2k-1_amd64.udeb  
rm libc6-udeb_2.24-9_amd64.udeb  
rm libcrypto1.0.2-udeb_1.0.2k-1_amd64.udeb  

Encrypting and Decrypting a vanitygen or oclvanitygen private key

Encrypting generated private key:
Linux: ./vanitygen -E password -C AC Aa
Windows: ./vanitygen -E password -C AC Aa
For GPU use "oclvanitygen" in place of "vanitygen"

  • -C AC Aa Choose AsiaCoin and address prefix "Aa"
  • -E password Encrypt key with password as "password",
    NOTE: It is more secure to use option -e with no trailing password,
    then vanitygen prompts for a password so theres no command history.
    Also please choose a stronger password than "password".

Generating AC Address
Difficulty: 23
AC Pattern: Aa
AC Address: Aa853vQs6QGrTuTHb7Q45tbeB8n4EL47vd
AC Protkey: yTYFUWAsgFmMxCbKtu3RdrrJXosZrjxiQFA2o43neB4jPpfLe5owNNrteTs8mpvua8Ge

Decrypting generated ProtKey with Keyconv:
Linux: ./keyconv -C AC -d yTYFUWAsgFmMxCbKtu3RdrrJXosZrjxiQFA2o43neB4jPpfLe5owNNrteTs8mpvua8Ge
Windows: keyconv.exe -C AC -d yTYFUWAsgFmMxCbKtu3RdrrJXosZrjxiQFA2o43neB4jPpfLe5owNNrteTs8mpvua8Ge

  • -C AC Specifies AsiaCoin
  • -d means decrypt the protected key of "yTYFUWAsgFmMxCbKtu3RdrrJXosZrjxiQFA2o43neB4jPpfLe5owNNrteTs8mpvua8Ge"

Enter import password: --- Enter "password" or whatever you specified as password and press enter
Address: Aa853vQs6QGrTuTHb7Q45tbeB8n4EL47vd
Privkey: 66GRP2W5H4sWbgrBRAuPc3qZxUtP5boubJ9N2M5wZio6fhWjzbr

Current List of Available Coins for Address Generation

Argument(UPPERCASE) Coin Address Prefix
42 42coin 4
AC Asiacoin A
AIB Advanced Internet Block by IOBOND A
ANC Anoncoin A
ARS Arkstone A
AUR Auroracoin A
BLK Blackcoin B
BQC BBQcoin b
BTC Bitcoin 1
TEST Bitcoin Testnet m or n
BTCD Bitcoin Dark R
CCC Chococoin 7
CCN Cannacoin C
CDN Canadaecoin C
CLAM Clamcoin x
CNC Chinacoin C
CON PayCon P
DGB Digibyte D
DGC Digitalcoin D
DMD Diamond d
DOGED Doge Dark Coin D
DOGE Dogecoin D
DOPE Dopecoin 4
DVC Devcoin 1
EFL Electronic-Gulden-Foundation L
EXCL Exclusivecoin E
FAIR Faircoin2 f
FTC Feathercoin 6 or 7
GAP Gapcoin G
GCR Global Currency Reserve G
GRC GridcoinResearch R or S
GRS Groestlcoin F
GUN Guncoin G or H
HAM HamRadiocoin 1
HODL HOdlcoin H
IXC Ixcoin x
JBS Jumbucks J
LEAF Leafcoin f
LTC Litecoin L
MMC Memorycoin M
MONA Monacoin M
MUE Monetary Unit 7
MYRIAD Myriadcoin M
MZC Mazacoin M
NEOS Neoscoin S
NLG Gulden G
NMC Namecoin M or N
NVC Novacoin 4
NYAN Nyancoin K
OK OK Cash P
OMC Omnicoin o
PIGGY Piggycoin p
PKB Parkbyte P
PND Pandacoin P
POT Potcoin P
PPC Peercoin P
PTC Pesetacoin K
PTS Protoshares P
RBY Rubycoin R
RDD Reddcoin R
RIC Riecoin R
SCA Scamcoin S
SDC Shadowcoin S
SKC Skeincoin S
SPR Spreadcoin S
START Startcoin s
SXC Sexcoin R or S
TPC Templecoin T
UIS Unitus U
UNO Unobtanium u
VIA Viacoin V
VPN Vpncoin V
VTC Vertcoin V
WDC Worldcoin Global W
WKC Wankcoin 1
WUBS Dubstepcoin D
XC XCurrency X
XPM Primecoin A
YAC Yacoin Y
ZOOM Zoom coin i
ZRC Ziftrcoin Z

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