Vanitygen plus! Generate vanity address for 80+ cryptocoins including: BTC, LTC, LBRY, DASH, DOGE, FEATHER, GROESTL, MONA, PEERCOIN, VERTCOIN, ZIFTR, and MORE! Removed the prefix length limit, now capable of searching for whole addresses... Altcoin encrypting and decrypting of private keys is also supported.

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Pre-compiled Binaries for Windows and Linux:

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The purpose of this article is to show you how to trade EquiHash/Zcash mining power on NiceHash in exchange for BTC during those times when you don't have work for your HashCat GPU Cracking Rig.  The target OS is Kali Rolling ~2016.2.  We will download the miner then set it up as a systemd service to run at boot and also restart itself if the process was to crash.  I also made a repo on GitHub related to this project:

This is just a quick guide for people interested in generating a vanity Bitcoin address on Kali Linux.  A vanity Bitcoin address looks like 1hack6wuMWBaWe2wgvJWZCSTTipyD1sTW, notice the prefix "1hack".  We will be using oclvanitygen and a Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU.  The same concepts also apply when using the standard vanitygen and a CPU.  Though on my test machine the processor puts out around 1Mkey/s and using a Nvidia GTX 1070 I can produce around 54-58Mkey/s.  So GPU computing tends to be the way to go for most tasks.

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