Tools needed:

  • USB Serial UART
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wire
  • Ethernet Cable
  • PC/Laptop

Software Needed:


So your router is bricked, you have a blinking power light and no web interface or maybe you just need to flash the latest ddwrt firmware to your Linksys e2000 router.  Well your going to have to open the router up and solder some connections to the board and then run some commands and upload the proper firmware.


First open your router up and solder wires to TX, RX and GND then string them out of your router to attach to your usb serial uart.

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Next you are going to attach the wires:

GND on router to GND on USB Serial UART

TX on router to RX on USB Serial UART

RX on router to TX on USB Serial UART



Now open a serial terminal and select the correct com port for your usb serial uart

Use the following settings

Baud Rate: 115200

Parity: None

Data Bits: 8

Stop Bits: 1

Hardware Flow Control: None


Plug the routers power cable in and immediately start hitting Ctrl+C

In the terminal you should get a CFE command prompt if you managed to interrupt the boot process, if not power cycle router and be faster this time.



Now plug an ethernet cable into your computer and into the router.  Try pinging the router, if you don't get a reply set up your ethernet adapter to be in the same network.  When you get a reply open TFTP select as the IP Address and ignore the password field and also select the firmware I linked as the file.  Now go to your serial terminal emulator.

Type "nvram erase"

Then type "flash -ctheader : flash1.trx"

on other most other routers you would issue "flash -noheader : flash1.trx"

Now immediately switch to TFTP and press "Upgrade".  The progress bar should immediately start moving.  If it doesn't start moving and says Failed you missed your window, if it fails type the flash command again and then click upgrade again.  The flash command waits 5 times to receive the firmware.  If it is successful you should see the router upgrade and reboot in the serial terminal.

That's all there is to it!  Wait for it to upgrade and reboot and then check the web interface and change the username and password and configure your router.

You may be able to simply flash ddwrt using TFTP without using a usb serial uart or opening your device up and soldering if when you ping your router you get a TTL of 100 every time and not just on booting the router.  What is happening there is that a previous firmware upgrade or something has failed causing the router not to boot and the router is stuck in a loop waiting for a TFTP upload.  The normal TTL response is 64 once the router starts booting.  Though in my situation I was struggling finding the correct firmware and once I had my serial terminal pulled up I found it was because the "code pattern incorrect" error.  This just means Linksys is looking for a certain signature in the firmware.  If all else fails download the latest firmware from Linksys and flash to the router, then upgrade from the Stock Firmware to an older ddwrt from their ddwrt wiki on the e2000 but if you try to upgrade to a newer version of ddwrt even from the older ddwrt it will brick the router or just not work.  I believe the version I have linked is the best option, so far I have no errors and it is working flawlessly as a repeater bridge.

Hopefully this helps people modernize their e2000, recover their e2000, or another Linksys router in that family or someone that just needed a simpler explanation of the whole process.


0 #1 Corey Harding 2016-07-21 04:31
Update: Upgrade from r30082 to r30260 via the web interface went well. Use the *mega-e2000.bin builds from the broadcom_K3X folder.

Previously the mini builds hung at 3% when upgrading with the web ui and usually a power cycle recovered the router whereas the BrainSlayer-V24-preSP2 builds would brick the router when attempting an upgrade. And all others had the wrong code pattern.

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