First Look at Rysc Corp MagSpoof V2

Just a quick video demo of the Rysc Corp MagSpoof v2 board.

MagSpoof was developed by Samy Kamkar and this board appears to be designed by ElectronicCats for RyscCorp.

Code can be found at:

Overall impressions are good. I literally unboxed it and this video was recorded within minutes of owning it. I will do more testing and get a different battery and try some different readers to see if the wireless spoofing capability improves any but it seems wireless spoofing is limited compared to a hand wound coil. Good work guys this seems to be a real clean easy to use and program example of the MagSpoof!

The MagSpoof v2 uses a standard 6 pin AVR ISP header for programming, the pin out is below.  Popular programmer choices include using an Arduino as an ArduinoISP, an AVR ISP, the Pocket AVR Programmer, or even a Bus Pirate.

Rysc Corp provided very adequate instructions for getting started but in case you landed on my page first or there was any confusion with their instructions you can get started by opening up your Arduino IDE and loading the magspoof.c file downloaded from Samy's GitHub repository link above.  Download and install the Arduino IDE from .  Next go to File/Preferences/Additional Boards Manger URLs and add "" without the quotes.  Then select Tools/Board/Boards Manager and search for "attiny" and install the package, I am using attiny v1.0.2 by David A. Mellis.  Go to Tools/Board and select ATtiny25/45/85, Tools/Processor ATtiny85. and Tools/Clock Internal 8MHz, and Tools/Programmer & Port and select your programmer and the port it is connected to.

Now your ready to compile and upload the "sketch", just select Sketch/Upload.  Wait for the upload to finish.  With a magstripe reader connected to PC open a text editor with a blank page, power on the MagSpoof V2, insert the MagSpoof into your reader, and press the button to test.  You should see a track output in plain text in your text editor.

Once you have verified everything is functioning normally you may start editing the code and spoofing your own track data.

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